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by Ben Ricketts

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In the summer of 2012, I recorded and released his self-titled album, and--despite the normal reservation of such things for the first release of an artist--it was my fourth EP.

This album is no longer available in standalone physical copies, but it is available as part of "Album Collection #2." It's available under the "merch" tab!


released June 1, 2012

all writing and recording by Ben Ricketts, except for the telephone vocals on "City Streets," which were contributed by Chase, Christian, Austin, Cody, and James, and recorded by Ben.



all rights reserved


Ben Ricketts Oxford, Mississippi

musician. songwriter. visual artist.

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Track Name: Some Love Song
you know i want you dear. i can't stand the thought of not having you here, and the songs of all the symphonies can't compare to your voice, and the sounds of all the harmonies are but my second choice. i'd like to hold you in these loving arms. i'd like to take cover at the sound of your alarm. i can't stand the thought of you running away from here.
Track Name: City Streets
as you wake up today, know that all the world is sleeping all around you. when you dream, do you dream of the same old city streets that do surround you? or do you want to let go? do these city streets tell you their stories? when you lie, do you lie about the same old stupid lies i always told you? do you search through the night for some pretty face to come control you? or do you gotta let go? i don't need these city streets.
Track Name: Whippoorwill
whippoorwill, where did you get your name? you're driving me insane. 'round and 'round, you're flying circles in my head. i''l remember all the words you said. you say we''l give it time, but you'll be on my mind. of all this, i assure you: oh darling, i adore you, dear. the flowers of the field are covering with snow. of all the things i told you, i told you so. the sun was shining down from above. i am falling in love. a cover song and a movie reference, you say the clock's of all the essence. i want you, dear. i want you to be mine.
Track Name: In a Moment
fleur, it's just a fleur-de-lis. it's just you and me sitting by a payphone. you pull out a cigarette, the last one you have left, and you leave me alone. all this in a moment. books that sit upon your shelf are read by no one else and taken into your heart. i wish i could sing a song about where we went wrong and it fell apart. moses, can you see me with your murderer's eyes? and can they see us from up high? cold. it's just a ceiling fan. it's above where we stand. turn it off. cash is everything these days. it is the life we've made to turn it all off.