Happy Island EP

by Ben Ricketts

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This was my first album ever, mostly recorded and released during my time as the lead vocalist and a guitarist for the band Youth in Asia. "Mindless Teenage Zombies" was an often-requested song at my early acoustic shows. "IHOK Happy Island Song" was recorded as part of "The November Project," an experiment to write and record a new song every day in November 2010. "Airport" was also written as part of the "Project," but this version heard on this EP is not the original. Most of the "Project" has been lost, but these two songs remain.

This album is no longer available in standalone physical copies, but it is available as part of "Album Collection #1." It's available under the "merch" tab!


released June 2, 2011

all songs written and produced by Ben Ricketts

Ben Ricketts - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, drums, tambourine, mandolin, keyboard, floor tom, bass, computer noise, shaker, Korg Kaossilator, tambourine, two way radio



all rights reserved


Ben Ricketts Oxford, Mississippi

musician. songwriter. visual artist.

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Track Name: Adoration in G Major
i have a way, but do i have the will to make that way come true? won't you come over, come on and stay a while? maybe the fates, they are puppeteers, and we're all sleeping on our strings. oh, if the fates are all puppeteers, why don't they bring you close to me?
Track Name: IHOK Happy Island Song
it's the same old silly tune that dirty mouths would sing to You. it's the same old silly song that we were chanting all along, and i know that this is not our finish. i know there's more to find in the end. we all sing along to a happy island song. we will find ourselves in the end. please just tell me what to do. i'm lost, and i am seeking You. i found myself down on my knees with cigar smoke and tastes so sweet.
Track Name: Mindless Teenage Zombies
she's changing her style. she's throwing out all the old clothes. she's going directions that nobody knows. they're all mindless teenage zombies to us, dear. they have their secrets. they shout them two-by-two. i don't want to know their secrets. i just want to be here with you. tell me a story, and sing to me right in key. i want to know your stories. i want you to sing to me.
Track Name: Airport
they're walking away. they've all got planes to catch. there are smiles waiting on the other side when they get home. they're watching the screens now. they're checking their times. they're crossing the borders. they're crossing the lines. today was made for us.
Track Name: The Puzzle
hey mister in the parking lot. it's not as pretty as you thought, and when your phone begins to ring, you always started to sing. you're buying cars used and selling them new. why did i think so highly of you? i hear that you run track and field. you are a sword with a shield. i just can't figure you out.
Track Name: Waiting for the Tides
the sun is coming down on us. it points our eyes to You. it shines like pretty pictures of ocean shores and their waters painted blue. please send a word my so that i know that i'm not alone. please send a word my way to tell me i'm headed home. You are sitting on a thrown, covered in white like mountaintops. Your Eyes are shining with Sweet Fire. burn my dirty, lonely thoughts. Lord, i'm coming home.