In Lo​-​Fi

by President Hotel

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I recorded this album under the name President Hotel. After the recordings were finished, the bit rate was cut in half to give a warmer, lower quality sound.

This album is no longer available in standalone physical copies, but it is available as part of "Album Collection #1." It's available under the "merch" tab!


released March 12, 2012

all parts written and recorded by Ben Ricketts



all rights reserved


Ben Ricketts Oxford, Mississippi

musician. songwriter. visual artist.

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Track Name: Dream
everything was okay while you were speaking to me in your green-shirted bliss. i was laying, wrapped in sheets, and your voice came so clearly (with no idea of what you said). but that was just a dream i had last night.
Track Name: Babe
i know, babe, i'm the one for you, babe. you're the one for me. no matter what you do, i'll always stay with you. no matter what you say, i won't go away. there's some thing inside me, it's a feeling i can't stop. but you are the one for me. someday, babe, i will marry you, babe. i'll be in love with you, babe. you'll be in love with me. someday, we will be together. i will run to you, babe. you're the one for me.
Track Name: Erase
the dead can't hear their voices when they're living in a place like this. so much for the friendship. welcome loneliness. erase her. the photographs have all been taken down. together at the funeral, did you hear the song they played? welcome to the night time. we don't know the day.
Track Name: The Sun
so young, she says. don't make love. don't make plans. don't begin what will end. don't lose your mind. don't waste your time. everything will be alright. so wait for the day when you go away. maybe you will find yourself there. the boats left us here. we will by the mirror that shows us what we look like. sun, won't you come out? understand what i'm saying. i'm not joking. i'm not playing. everything i'm telling you is the truth. don't stop. don't go. don't guard or patrol the feelings that you're made to have.