Young Whispers

by Ben Ricketts

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Cody Rogers
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Cody Rogers From a landscape that has found its shape in music history with a bottleneck slide and moan comes something completely different but just as complimentary to the muggy Mississippi summer. From the anthem Snow to the melancholy, heartfelt Unusual Death to the unflinching joy yet insecure drone of Going On; Young Whispers is a beautiful summer album. Favorite track: Snow.
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released April 21, 2014

Ben Ricketts - everything except for telephone screams and vocals on "East" and "Who Knows," which were performed by Dylan Van Zile

album art by Christina Huff



all rights reserved


Ben Ricketts Oxford, Mississippi

musician. songwriter. visual artist.

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Track Name: East
Track Name: Snow
he says he does snow, and nobody knows, but now the cops knock upon his back door. he says he likes it. he says he loves it. he asks if you think anything of it. you say you don't mind. you say it's okay. it's winter. no one's busy soaking up the sun rays. but now, you don't know. you start breathing snow, and now the cops knock upon your back door. he just wants high times beside the high tides. we're in miami far beneath the sunrise. what's your excuse now? why won't you allow some new experience to shape the way you look out? you fix up one line and close your eyes tight. what would your mother think if she saw you in this light? you don't think of that. it's not the time now. if theatre taught you one thing, it's how to bow out. sister, i've been wondering, are you okay? you say you're okay. "yeah man! i'm okay!" it's on the east coast. it's on the west coast. you're singing songs that only you and no one else know. you say you like it. no one else likes it, but everyone likes it. it's getting softer now. it gets real quiet. it's called dynamic. that's why you like it, and no one likes it, but everyone likes it. nobody likes it, but everyone likes it. yeah, you like it. you say you like it. no one else likes it, but everyone likes it.
Track Name: Things We Used to Do
do you still watch the TV screens, even when they don't show you? do you still search for lucid dreams, or do you let your dreams control you? and i am tired of the same old things we used to do. and i am tired of explaining this to you. do you still read the magazines, even when you can't focus? do you still look around to see which way the rivers are flowing?
Track Name: Unusual Deaths
you've been replaced by the snow and the flowers, and that's just the way things work. we used to sit. we would talk away the hours, and now you're gone, and i do say it hurts. you say we die such unusual deaths, and i'm starting to believe the same. i watch your kids as they're playing with their toys, and wonder, will they ever see your face? call it the fates or the will of Higher Power, but i don't like the way it's working out. listen to the words, i say all through the evening, and listen to them as they leave my mouth.
Track Name: In My Dreams
don't try to find me. i'm somewhere deep asleep. don't ask where i might be. i'm alone deep in my sleep. meet me in my dreams. a festival, a falling star, are so close to where you are. a nearby shore, a distant sea, it's all here beside me.
Track Name: Nuclear Holocaust
evening comes, and i see your face. morning comes, and i run in place. afternoons, and i'm up in space thinking about our yesterdays. sister, sing the words you like. prepare your own sacrifice. i get lost inside those eyes. it's my glory and demise. asking of heaven and hell, and details of rome fell, i'm the coffin. you're the nail. i'm the ship without a sail. i'm the fruit that the vineyard lost. i'm the nuclear holocaust. i'm the rock beneath the moss. i'm your nuclear holocaust.
Track Name: New Charm
what difference does it make if you're not here by my side? what difference does life make if i don't feel alive? you are my new charm, a new way to smile. you are a laugh when all else tears up. i see a new sun arising. there is a new light inside of my heart. i think i love you. i think i do. i think i am falling in love with you. i found a treasure hid deep in your eyes. i found some sunshine deep into the night.
Track Name: Going On
sometimes, i tell a joke to make you happy, but you're not happy. sometimes, i tell a joke about my folks, but you're not happy. tell me. hey now! what is going on? sometimes, i tell a tale about a vampire who took my soul. sometimes, i hear you laugh in the next room.
Track Name: Who Knows
see it in my eyes. see it through the holes in my dirty shirt. see it on the palms of the kid on the stove top eye. how that must hurt! i live in the past, and i don't care who knows. so in the meantime, we'll decompose. my mother and my father and my brother and my sister know that i've turned into such a ghost. see it in my face when i break down the pillars and the dirty walls. see it in my eyes when i do not answer my telephone. i live in the present, and i'm alive. i don't know what's in my mind. i am living for a sign. show me that i'm still alive. i live on a ship somewhere in outer space, just waiting to see Your Face. i'm speaking for the human race. i'm not made of just my days.
Track Name: Odd Numbers